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About Damian Kolbay

         My interest in photography has been spawned from my other hobbies and the desire to record them. Ever since I was young I have been immersed in the outdoors, whether it is hiking and camping or walking around cities throughout the world.

         My first camera (the most basic of 35mm cameras) went with me everywhere, capturing scenes and events during my outings. Living in many locations and traveling the world introduced me to many cultures and a wide array of different environments. From small mountain villages to modern cities, I enjoyed capturing it all. Hiking and camping in undisturbed environments provided even more subjects to capture with my camera.

         Eventually I borrowed a camera with more capabilities that allowed my photography to go from taking snap shots to being able to develop a style. This led to my growing appreciation and love for photography.

         Today, with my modern SLR cameras, I still enjoy the same hobbies I did before but now I have the ability to record not only the scene but to compose a work of art in my own style. Lighting, contrast, and perspective play an important role in all my photographs. I still carry my camera with me everywhere I go and hope to continue to evolve my style.
Damian Kolbay Photography

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