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Affordable Fine Art Photography for Sale                      

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q)     How much is shipping on my order?
A)     Shipping is included in the price of the print listed on the page. If you are ordering a large number of photographs, please contact Damian and prices can be adjusted to reduce the shipping costs.

Q)     How long will my print last before it begins to fade or yellow?
A)     Great care is taken to ensure that all materials used in the printing and mounting processes provide the longest life possible for your new photograph. Unlike printing photographs on your home computer, my prints are made on archival quality photographic paper and printed with archival quality inks that the manufacturer tests to over 100 years of life before fading. To achive the longest life for your new print, archival quality mounting is also needed. I use only the highest quality 100% cotton rag mats when mounting the prints and archival quality frames for the greatest protection and longevity of your print. If purchasing an unframed matted photograph, please ensure that you use a high quality, archival frame to protect your investment.

Q)     What if I am not completely happy with my new photograph?
A)     While only the highest quality photographs are placed into the galleries for sale, a situation may arise where you are not 100% satisfied with an aspect of the print. This could be something as simple as the frame was damaged in shipping (great care is taken during packaging you new artwork) to something as unexpected as the colors in the print do not match your freshly painted walls. In any situation, my goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your new artwork. Please contact me immediately if you encounter a problem with your order. I will work quickly with you to fix a problem and if needed the photograph can be returned with a refunded amount based on the situation.

Q)     I like one of your photographs but would like it in a different size or format. Can you help me?
A)     Most likely the answer is yes. While I have listed the most common formats people like to display, it would be nearly impossible for me to list everyone's favorites. If you would like to purchase a photograph but would like a different format (either size or mounting) please contact me and we will work together to make sure the photograph you like can be customized to fit your style. A different size, mat color, or frame style can be requested and fulfilled by simply contacting me.

Q)     Why do you offer only limited edition prints?
A)     By limiting the number of prints avaliable for each photograph, it ensures that you are not only receiving a high quality photograph but also a unique piece of art. Everyone likes to purchase artwork they enjoy but nobody wants to see the same artwork on their friend's walls too. Limiting the number of photographs for sale in each edition also allows the artwork to increase in value since after the initial number of photos is sold the edition will never be reissued.

Q)     I thought you only offered Limited Edition prints?
A)     Photographs found in the Fine Art Gallery (that's the main gallery) are Limited Edition, but recently I have had requests for more photos at a lower price. To accomidate that request, I have begun selling prints in my Just Prints Gallery that are quality pictures but available forever and at a lower cost. They can be purchased as just a print or framed and matted also.

Q)     Who designed your website?
A)     I designed this website (and several others). If you have any questions or comments about the design, look, or feel of my website please feel free to contact me. I'm always happy to hear comments about it. If you are in need of a web designer or graphic artist, please contact me.

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