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Canvas Gallery Wraps

         Many of my photographs available in the galleries are also available as canvas gallery wraps. Canvas gallery wraps are printed on real canvas, the same material as painters use, and then wrapped around a frame. The photograph wraps around to the back giving you a 3D piece of artwork that can be hung directly on the wall with no frame needed.

         The canvas material produces a texture that makes it look as if the photograph was painted, but the photograph's detail remains clear. The result is a museum style appearance on your wall.

Gallery Wrap Front - Damian Kolbay Photography Gallery Wrap Back - Damian Kolbay Photography

         Currently I offer the canvas gallery wraps as custom orders only. I do not offer one "standard" size, instead I prefer to work with you to make the piece of art fit your desires. If you see a photograph in the gallery you are interested in having as a canvas gallery wrap, email me at CustomOrders@DamianKolbay.com and I will work with you make it fit your needs. Also, several photographs are available as a series of panels giving you an even more unique piece of art. Feel free to send your questions or ideas to me.

Gallery Wrap Panel - Damian Kolbay Photography

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